Samsung delaying Galaxy Tab S9 Series' launch: Report

    The Hawk
    October7/ 2022

    Seoul: Due to the recent uncertainties in the world economy, South Korean electronics giant Samsung is reportedly postponing the release of its next-generation Galaxy Tab S9 series.

    One and a half years after the release of the Galaxy Tab S7 family, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S8 series earlier this year, according to The Elec GizmoChina.

    The company had intended to introduce their future premium tablets in December. But now, according to the source, it appears that they will be released the following year.

    As per the report, Samsung’s decision is due to the recent global economic uncertainty.

    As the Covid-19 global pandemic has almost ended, the demand for IT products has started dropping worldwide, the report said.

    In 2022, Samsung intended to create 33.6 million tablets. But the business might not be able to carry out its plan because of weak demand.

    According to DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), the global tablet market will shrink by 8% this year. However, it is anticipated that the premium tablet category (OLED and Mini LED) would expand by 22%.

    Consequently, it is claimed that Samsung has a new strategy for its upcoming flagship tablets. Similar to the Galaxy Tab S8 series, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is said to include three versions.