Discovering The Universe: Sancta Maria Students Visit NASA And Explore Other Iconic Sites In America

    Sancta Maria Students Visit NASA And Explore
    Inam Ansari
    May25/ 2024

    Hyderabad (Telangana): 38 students from Sancta Maria International School completed an educational trip to the United States. This transformative journey combined thrilling experiences at NASA with visits to iconic East Coast landmarks, offering both educational and cultural enrichment to the students. The highlight of the trip was a three-day space camp at NASA, where students engaged in various activities, including Space Shuttle Simulators and museum tours. A memorable part of this experience was a chat and lunch with astronaut Linda Fischer. The students also explored significant NASA sites such as the Vehicle Assembly Building, LC39 Launch Pad, and Rocket Garden. These activities provided practical insights into space exploration and inspired our young minds to consider careers in STEM fields. In addition to NASA, the students visited several iconic attractions on the East Coast. They spent a day at Disney's Magic Kingdom, experiencing the magic of human innovation and cooperation through various rides and attractions. At Universal Studios, they learned about the science behind special effects and theme park engineering, with highlights including themes from Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and Marvel Comics. Their journey continued with a visit to Sea World, where they enjoyed thrilling rides and interacted with aquatic animals like dolphins and orcas. The educational tour also included visits to significant historical and cultural landmarks. In Washington, D.C., students toured the White House, various war memorials, and monuments dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. This part of the trip provided them with a deeper understanding of American history and governance. In New York City, they visite ...

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