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    Rousing Welcome

    Soumitra Bose
    January17/ 2024
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    Nagaland's Unprecedented Welcome to Rahul Gandhi: A Resounding Call for Leadership. The dramatic shift in public sentiment signals a desire for peace, unity, and a leader who resonates with the diverse voices of Nagaland.

    Rahul Gandhi Nagaland Visit

    Rabble rousing overt unprecedented welcome to Rahul Gandhi in Nagaland by the Nagaland-citizens en masse literally rejoicing in his arrival amid them making them literally feel, they are as much integral part of Bharat as any one else here (in the rest of the country without any slightest ado, hesitation, hiccup of any kind unlike what are overtly maintained by certain sections to fulfil their personal vested interests, indulge in wrong campaigns thereby utterly indulging in "anti-Bharat" activities). ...In a dramatic turn-around from non-Congress parties in overt vogue these days, the masses of all hues in Nagaland are singing paeans for Rahul Gandhi openly + demanding in their various native languages that Rahul Gandhi be their / the Nagaland state's all purpose leader including "peace beacons with him 24x7". Unlike now when the Nagaland-masses are subjected to being treated as ping-pong balls on some flimsiest pretext or the other and as a result, it is the masses of Nagaland who are directly affected in abundant ways as they are utterly confused, befuddled. With Rahul Gandhi, they are mighty comfortable in all senses. Thus they are vociferousl;y demanding "Rahul' Rahul...Rahul hai to sab mumkin hai Nagaland mein". Thus the rousing welcome to Rahul Gandhi, say all.

    —Soumitra Bose