Round of Full Respect of Half the World (Tableaux of Women Power)

    May9/ 2023
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    Women Power

    At a time when Indian women are setting new heights of success in every sphere of life, it is equally important to give them their due with dignity. Their increasing participation in the defense forces in recent times only reflects the empowered status of women in a democracy. Undoubtedly, due to the apathy of the political leadership in this direction, from time to time, the country's top court has only played a constructive role in the implementation of this decision.Have done In this sequence, the good news has come that in the Republic Day Parade to be held in the year 2024, women will lead a large number of contingents. Means preference will be given to the tableau of women empowerment on the path of duty. It is being told that all the participants in the troops and band squads participating in the official ceremony on the path of duty can be women. 

    The Ministry of Defense had sent an official memorandum to the three services, various ministries and departments regarding the planning of the parade to be held next year. in that memorandum Such a scheme was mentioned in detail. It is noteworthy that in a meeting chaired by the Defense Secretary in February, it was decided that marching contingents, bands and tableaux involved in the parade to be held on the road of duty on the occasion of Republic Day next year will have only women participants. It is heartening that over the years there has been an expected improvement in the presence of women participants in tableaux displayed on Republic Day. In which women officers are seen leading the troops of the army and security forces.Have come Undoubtedly, this effort can only be called a meaningful initiative in the direction of giving full rights to half the world in the country. It is to be believed that the recent decision of the government will only prove helpful in making this situation more dignified. Undoubtedly, this recent initiative of the Government and the Ministry of Defense has symbolic significance. But the real improvement in the lives of women will come only when the rights given to them become the ground reality. 

    In recent times, some international women wrestlers have been accused of taking action against top officials of the sports federation.The scenario which was seen coming on the streets, that situation should not be seen in various departments and services of the country. More or less, there should be a fair and transparent system in all departments to protect the rights of women and their dignity. A transparent system should be made by the governments to give half the world their rights and to make the working conditions dignified. So that they can discharge their duties fearlessly. We are already too late to give women their due. China in the country's labor forceAnd compared to other developed countries, the role of women has been very neglected. There is a need to think seriously in this direction as to why the women labor force is not being utilized optimally in the development of the country. Actually, along with women empowerment, their economic independence is also necessary. Financial independence will develop their decision making ability. Only this will reduce domestic and social violence against women. Gender discrimination will end in the country on the day when women who take care of home, family and outside will get complete financial freedom.And a big initiative can be taken in the direction of ending it. On the other hand, there is also a need to show strong political will to give representation to women in Parliament according to their population, so that a transformational initiative can be taken in the direction of women empowerment in the country. In this matter, political parties will have to take serious initiative in this direction by keeping their discrimination in check. Only then half the world will be able to get respectable status of equality in the Indian society.