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    RJD and JD-U to counter BJP with 'real issues' including price spiral & joblessness

    Pankaj Sharma
    September16/ 2023
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    Patna: While BJP leaders are keeping secret the agenda for the special session of Parliament, the leaders of the opposition INDIA bloc in Bihar claimed that such sessions would not help the BJP to win the Lok Sabha elections.

    Senior RJD leader Chitranjan Gagan claimed that the Narendra Modi government does not believe in the Constitution. People have given the mandate to them and they want to run the country like a dictatorship .

    “We are expecting that they may pass the bill on one nation, one election, women reservation in the special session of Parliament. However, I want to point out that such bills can be passed in the winter session. There is no need for a special session for it. I have a strong feeling that they will pass some of their hidden agenda during the special session,” Gagan said.

    “We are ready to face any kind of situation and our party leaders have appealed to every worker to stay alert on the ground. As far as our points are concerned, we will raise the basic issues of the country which are related to the common people. Price rise, unemployment, national security, rising terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, violence in Manipur, Chinese incursion in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh are our agendas which we will raise in the special session. The Narendra Modi government has nothing to do with the issues related to common people,” Gagan said.

    “The Narendra Modi government came to power by raising the issues related to the public. After nine and a half years of rule, we firmly believe that they have no interest in addressing price rise, unemployment and national security. For them, the basic issues are gone now and they are talking about Sanatan Dharma these days. I want to point out that they are talking about fake Sanatan Dharma. The Sanatan Dharma cannot ask people to indulge in extremism or spread hatred against other religions,” said JD-U spokesperson Abhishek Kumar Jha.

    “Every time when a session starts in the Parliament or assembly, it is the duty of the ruling party to inform the issues to other political parties. However, there is a buzz that they might pass one nation one election bill. They might dissolve the present Central government on the last day of the special session and go for the Lok Sabha election. Whatever development takes place in the next few days, the INDIA bloc is fully prepared for it and will handle it,” said Mritunjay Tiwari, RJD national spokesperson.

    “I want to explain that the BJP is afraid of the INDIA grouping. After three successful meetings of INDIA in Patna, Bengaluru and Mumbai where all the opposition parties have shown unity, they became jittery. Hence, they have called for the special session and can do anything. We are prepared for it,” Tiwari said.

    “The BJP is trying to set issues based on Sanatan Dharma and communalism but we have already set the issues on price rise, unemployment, caste based census, Adani, Manipur violence, farmers, national security etc. Our leaders will raise these points in Parliament and we will go with them before the voters in the Lok Sabha elections as well,” Tiwari said.

    “Politics over Sanatan Dharma would not be accepted by the common people of the country. It is the country of Mahatma Gandhi where every religion and religious book has equal respect. They way they are making efforts to make Sanatan Dharma an issue, they will not succeed. The Karnataka election is a prime example of it,” Tiwari added.

    When asked about RJD leaders like Bihar education minister Professor Chandrashekher and state president Jagadanand Singh raising religious issues, Tiwari said that they should avoid making such statements.

    Chandrasheker on Thursday claimed that some points in Ramcharitmanas are like potassium cyanide.