PM lays foundation stone & dedicates to nation multiple projects worth over Rs 1450 cr in Jamnagar

    The Hawk
    October11/ 2022

    New Delhi (The Hawk): Today in Jamnagar, Gujarat, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, laid the foundation stone and dedicated to the nation multiple irrigation, power, water supply, and urban infrastructure projects worth approximately Rs 1,450 crore. Among these are the Kalavad Group Augmentation water supply scheme of Kalavad/Jamnagar Taluka. Morbi-Maliya-Jodiya group Augmentation water supply scheme, Lalpur Bypass junction flyover Bridge, Hapa Market Yard Railway Crossing, and Sewer Collection pipeline and pumping station refurbishment. The Prime Minister inaugurated package 7 of Saurashtra Avtaran Irrigation (SAUNI) Yojana Link 3 (from Und Dam to Sonmati Dam), package 5 of SAUNI Yojana Link 1 (from Und-1 dam to SANI Dam), and the 40 MW Solar PV project at Haripar.

    In his address, the Prime Minister thanked the people for the warm reception and blessings they had bestowed upon him during his journey to the event. The Prime Minister congratulated the people on the inauguration and groundbreaking of eight water, electricity, and connectivity-related projects. He went on to say that the foundation has been laid for a community hall for the Valmiki community, which will be a great asset for organising cultural programmes and other events.

    The Prime Minister recalled the devastation caused twenty years ago by the earthquake. The tragedy and destruction caused by the earthquake left the entire state in a state of despair. However, through self-assurance and perseverance, Gujarat ascended to the top of the nation, vanquishing despondency and destruction. The Prime Minister requested that the people of Jamnagar pay their respects at the Smriti Van in memory of the victims of the Kutch Earthquake. He stated that the memorial is comparable in grandeur and solemnity to the 9/11 or Hiroshima memorials.

    The Prime Minister recalled Jamsaheb Maharaja Digvijay Singh and paid tribute to his kindness to the Polish people during the second world war. This established a long-lasting relationship with the Polish people, which was of great assistance during the evacuation of Indians from Ukraine during the ongoing crisis. "Somewhere behind the assistance of the Polish government, Maharaja Digvijay Singh's generosity has played a significant role," he said. He stated that it is our endeavour to bring Jamsaheb to new heights. The Prime Minister remarked that Jamnagar has also made significant contributions to cricket. In 2020, the Saurashtra Ranji cricket team brought the trophy back and made everyone proud.

    The Prime Minister informed everyone that five development resolutions have provided Gujarat with a solid foundation. People's (Jan) Shakti is the first resolution, followed by Knowledge (Gyan) Shakti, Water (Jal) Shakti, Energy (Urja) Shakti, and Raksha Shakti. Shri Modi added, "Gujarat is reaching new heights based on these five solid foundations."

    The Prime Minister noted that the young generation is fortunate in that they have not encountered the problems that existed in the region and state twenty to twenty-five years ago. From the days when a chief minister would come for the inauguration of a water tank to the present day, when projects worth more than the budget of the past are inaugurated in a single visit, a great deal has changed. He stated today that under the SAUNI plan, Maa Narmada is reaching every nook and cranny. In a similar manner, the Jal Jeevan Mission is bringing piped water to every home. He praised the Chief Minister for implementing the initiatives of the central government with diligence and swiftness.

    The Prime Minister reaffirmed that the welfare of the poor is his government's top priority. He stated that the top priority during the pandemic was ensuring that no family went hungry. More than eighty crore people are receiving free rations to endure the pandemic without going hungry. The Prime Minister stated that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojna has been extended until December of this year so that no poor family will have to sleep hungry during these difficult times. He also mentioned the benefits of the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme and emphasised that people from all over India who come to Jamnagar to earn a living can take advantage of it.

    The Prime Minister stated, in reference to Jamnagar's oil refinery and oil-based economy, that every resident would be proud that crude oil is refined on this very land. Shri Modi stated that the dual-engine government of the Centre and the State has worked ceaselessly for the industrial and infrastructure development of the state. Shri Modi recalled a time when the city was clogged with traffic and stated that efforts are being made to increase connectivity by building planned roads, flyovers, and underpasses to improve the lives of the citizens. He added that the Amritsar-Bhatinda-Jamnagar Corridor is being constructed at a cost of Rs 26,000 crore. Jamnagar is becoming the centre of manufacturing and coast-driven growth. He stated that the Jamnagar-based WHO International Center for Traditional Medicine is a crown for Jamnagar Ayurvedic University, which has become a national university. According to the Prime Minister, Jamnagar is becoming a centre associated with auspicious objects such as bangles, sindoor, and bandhani, transforming into a "Saubhagya Nagar."

    The Prime Minister also reaffirmed his dedication to facilitating business. He discussed the reduction in regulatory burden. About 33,000 compliances and rules have been eliminated. Similarly, the decriminalisation of company laws benefits the business sector. He also discussed India's rise in various economic indices, particularly the Indian economy's rise to fifth place from tenth place in 2014. India rose from 142nd to 63rd in the ease of doing business in 20120, from 142nd in 2014. He praised the state government for implementing a forward-thinking Industrial policy. The Prime Minister praised the state government's efforts to remove encroachment and clean up the state's coastline. He stated that the Jamnagar Coastline offers ecotourism opportunities. It has an abundance of species.

    In addition to noting the improvement in law and order in Gujarat, the Prime Minister stated that the Narendra-Bhupendra Government is implementing the development plan with diligence and speed.

    In addition to others, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhupendra Patel, and Members of Parliament, Shri C R Patil and Smt. Poonamben Madam, were present at the event.

    In Jamnagar, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for projects totaling approximately Rs 1,450 billion. These projects pertain to irrigation, electricity, water distribution, and urban infrastructure.

    The Prime Minister inaugurated package 7 of Saurashtra Avtaran Irrigation (SAUNI) Yojana Link 3 (from Und Dam to Sonmati Dam), package 5 of SAUNI Yojana Link 1 (from Und-1 dam to SANI Dam), and the 40 MW Solar PV project at Haripar.

    The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for the following projects: Kalavad Group Augmentation water supply scheme of Kalavad/Jamnagar Taluka Morbi-Maliya-Jodiya group Augmentation water supply scheme, Lalpur Bypass junction flyover Bridge, Hapa Market Yard Railway Crossing, and the rehabilitation of the Sewer Collection pipeline and pumping station.