Commerce Ministry seeks details of spice bans by Singapore, Hong Kong

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    April23/ 2024
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    India's Commerce Ministry Investigates Alleged Banning of Indian Spices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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    New Delhi [India]: In response to recent action by food regulators in Singapore and Hong Kong, India's commerce and industry ministry initiated an inquiry into the alleged banning of certain spices manufactured by Indian companies such as MDH and Everest, according to sources familiar with the matter.
    The Ministry has reportedly reached out to authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong, seeking detailed information regarding the banned spices and the reasons behind their rejection.

    Technical specifications, analytical reports, and specifics regarding exporters, whose shipments have been turned away, are among the details requested.
    This inquiry extends to the embassies in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as the Singapore Food Agency and the Centre for Food Safety and Food & Environmental Hygiene Department in Hong Kong.

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    Additionally, the Ministry has enlisted the cooperation of the companies mentioned in media reports surrounding the issue.
    The focus of the investigation is to ascertain the root causes of these rejections and to work with the exporters involved to implement necessary corrective measures.

    In a move to address broader concerns within the industry, the Ministry has also called for a meeting to discuss the mandatory testing of Ethylene Oxide (ETO) in spice consignments destined for Singapore and Hong Kong.