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    Palti Rani, Mamata Banerjee's Political Journey

    Soumitra Bose
    February10/ 2024
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    Mamata Banerjee's Political Journey

    "Palti Rani" Jamkey Barso Taakee Bangal Se Beelkool Saaf Ho Jaao Hamesh Ke Leeye"...To Mamata Banerjee, Curse flustered Janta Janardan in West Bengal in reaction to her repeated belittling, slackening, making mince-meat of the Congress in open fora although ironically, her very initiation in to the very "Rajnaitik Gateebeedhee" started from the Indian National Congress or the Congress per se. West Bengal Congress Committee Chief + consistently firebrand MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury openly says --- and it is more than factual as many eyewitnesses of "then" are still very much alive and vividly recollect that incident in toto --- it is Sonia Gandhi who requested the then Cabinet HRD Minister (late) Arjun Singh to give Mamata a MoS berth under him. From then, started her ministerial role. Before that, when she was MP for the first time in 1984, it was late Rajiv Gandhi who incorporated her as Vice-President of the Indian Youth Congress although then, she spoke only Bengali, "incomprehensible, hackneyed" Hindi. ...Today, she poses, she is a chaste polyglot but she continues to be a Bengali whether she speaks Bengali or English, Hindi, French, Sanskrit, Spanish or Chinese as in all these lingos, her accent, pronunciations, dictions are Bangali thus not liked by "none" in the Centre or elsewhere in the world, say many, and hence, she is not taken seriously directly resulting in to the West Bengal state itself not at all taken seriously rather, openly neglected...No wonder, now castigating the West Bengal state's many people are calling her as "Palti Rani" not to be taken seriously any further.

    —Soumitra Bose