Other people can visit Sankardeva's birthplace but I Can't: Rahul Gandhi

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    January22/ 2024
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    Rahul Gandhi voices concern over restricted access to Sankardeva's birthplace during a law and order crisis in Nagaon. Congress leaders stage a dharna, emphasizing unity and harmony in line with Sankardeva's philosophy.

    Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders staging a sit-in outside the Batadrava Than holy shrine

    Nagaon (Assam): In the Nagaon district of Assam, Rahul Gandhi, a leader, from the Congress party raised concerns about not being allowed to visit the birthplace of Vaishnav saint Srimanta Sankardeva during a period of law and order crisis. Speaking to the media Gandhi highlighted the situation where he was subjected to restrictions while others were granted access to the revered saints birthplace.

    Gandhi, accompanied by Congress leaders and supporters encountered a halt at Haibargaon on their way to the sattra (Sankardevas birthplace). Undeterred by this setback they organized a sit in protest known as dharna while party MP Gaurav Gogoi and Batadrava MLA Sibamoni Bora continued their journey with the aim of resolving the access issue at the birthplace.

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    After their return Gandhi expressed his admiration for Sankardevas philosophy. Emphasized its values of unity and harmony. "He is like a guiding light for us. Provides us with direction. Therefore when I came to Assam I had intended to pay my respects " stated Gandhi.

    The Congress leader expressed surprise at being denied access despite reported law and order challenges in that area. "It is perplexing that while there is a law and order situation, in this region Gaurav Gogoi and others are allowed entry but only Rahul Gandhi is barred " he remarked.
    Despite facing a setback Gandhi expressed his determination to visit Batadrava whenever he gets the chance. He emphasized the importance of both Assam and the entire nation following the path shown by Sankardeva. Gandhi mentioned that they had initially received an invitation to visit Sankardevas birthplace on January 11th but were recently informed about the law and order situation.

    "I'm not sure, about the reasons, behind it but I will definitely go to Batadrava when I have an opportunity " he asserted, reaffirming his dedication to the teachings and ideals of Srimanta Sankardeva.