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    Odisha's coastline to emerge epicentre of India's development: Dharmendra Pradhan

    April20/ 2022
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    New Delhi: Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan on Wednesday said that Odisha's long coastline is going to be the epicentre for the development of India.

    "The government-led initiatives in the petroleum and steel sectors will provide impetus to the maritime economy in Odisha. Integration of crucial infrastructures like road, rail and port will lead to the industrial development of the state. Potential for the port-led blue economy will be unlocked with the multi-modal rail, road and air linkages with sea and riverine ports for transport of minerals and goods at much lower logistics cost, he added.

    In the 21st century, the maritime economy is going to change the face of the world, especially Odisha and India, the minister said.

    Terming Odisha as the energy gateway for eastern India, he urged investors to invest in the development of ports in Odisha adding that the government's initiatives in the Petroleum and Steel sectors will provide impetus to the maritime economy of Odisha which has immense potential for maritime trade and commerce.

    "Odisha has been at the centre of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Purvodaya vision. Massive investment is being made to promote infrastructure development activities across the various industrial and commercial sectors in Odisha, It is emerging as the energy gateway of eastern India," the Minister urging all stakeholders to unite the efforts as a team to help create an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

    Addressing a special session on investment opportunities in Odisha at the maritime India Summit 2021 virtually, the Minister said, Odisha's coast along with Paradip will be the gateway of growth of the eastern part of the country.

    He urged all stakeholders to unite our efforts as a team to help create an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

    "Odisha's long coastline is going to be the epicentre of development and growth in the region.It has natural harbours, rich natural resources, long coastline and skill-able as well as hardworking manpower. The state is uniquely poised to be part of India's AatmaNirbhar journey and contribute to the country's target of becoming a five trillion dollar economy," he said.

    "At one point in history, we were one of the prosperous civilization in the world, which is known as the 'Kalingan Civilization', 'Utkaliye Civilization'. There is a lot of anthropological, social evidence on all these issues.

    Today we are at the beginning of the 21st century. PM Modi has given a clarion call for the 'Atmanirbhar Bharat', for a 5-trillion economy. These are not mere words or concepts only. There are certain actionable points, there are some responsibilities, a concrete plan to achieve all these targets. Every society, every state has its own roadmap. I am happy the Government of Odisha is on a very positive note, preparing itself to be a part of this 5-trillion dollar economy and Atmanirbhar Bharat. (ANI)

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