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    No poll bugle needed—people do it for me: PM Modi in Bulandshahr

    The Hawk
    January25/ 2024
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    Prime Minister Modi Unveils Ambitious Development Agenda in Bulandshahr, Emphasizes People's Role in Election Bugle. Projects Worth Over Rs 19,100 Crore Launched to Boost Uttar Pradesh Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

    Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh: During his visit, to Bulandshahr Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed a range of development projects more than Rs 19,100 crore in preparation for the Lok Sabha elections. Stressing his dedication to progress PM Modi emphasized that it is the people who herald the election season for him not himself.

    Speaking to a gathering after inaugurating and laying the foundation stone for initiatives Modi underscored the significance of ensuring that all recipients of government schemes benefit equally and corruption free. He stated, "This epitomizes secularism and genuine social justice."

    Modi took pride in his administrations accomplishments by claiming that 250 million people have been lifted out of poverty under his leadership with a commitment to continue working towards uplifting the remaining population. He reassured the public by saying, "You are my family; your aspirations are my determination."

    The Prime Minister also discussed "Modis guarantee " emphasizing efforts to achieve coverage of welfare schemes. He proclaimed, "Our government delivers what it promises " highlighting their commitment to ensuring that all beneficiaries truly reap the benefits of government initiatives.

    In response to speculation about him initiating election campaigning Modi clarified by stating, "Modi leads the charge for development; Modi leads the charge for uplifting those, at the bottom of societys ladder."
    He emphasized that there is no need to sound the alarm, for the elections as the people are already doing it on his behalf.

    Taking a swipe at administrations Modi criticized the standing neglect of Uttar Pradesh and alleged that only a select few families had prospered while the majority remained disadvantaged. He attributed the development in the state to the BJPs double engine government.

    The Prime Minister reiterated his governments commitment to farmers welfare considering them a priority. He highlighted initiatives such as providing security for farmers families. Acknowledged the contributions of leaders like Kalyan Singh to the region.

    Modi concluded by inaugurating infrastructure projects, including a rail line connecting Mathura Palwal and an extension of Chipiyana Buzurg Dadri section. The induction of a 255 km pipeline project by Indian Oil and unveiling of an upgraded Mathura sewerage scheme marked milestones during his visit.

    Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath presented Modi with an idol of Lord Ram symbolizing the religious importance of the region. The Prime Minister expressed optimism about propelling our nation to heights through efforts, towards development.