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    Nipun Bharat Mission: Yogi Govt To Organize Public Participation Programs To Create Awareness Among Students

    Inam Ansari
    June5/ 2023
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    CM Yogi

    Lucknow: In order to create awareness among students, parents and teachers of the initiatives being undertaken by the Government in the field of education, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has issued directions for organizing public participatory programs in schools under the Nipun Bharat Mission on the lines of the G20 Summit.

    The programs will feature an array of activities to make teachers, parents, community members, and representatives of the initiatives being taken in the field of Nipun Bharat Mission, National Education Policy 2020, and digital learning.

    The activities will include organizing summer camps, conducting meetings of the Skilled (Nipun) Task Force, home visits and particular programs at the district, divisional, and state levels.

    Instructions have been given to all district DIAT principals, BSAs, and BEOs by the State Project Office in this regard.

    According to the State Project Director, Vijay Kiran Anand, innovative teachers from different schools in the state are organizing summer camps with self-motivation. He said, "Summer camps can create a meaningful and creative environment during the summer vacation. It provides a protected and engaging atmosphere where children can learn various skills. During the camp, children can enjoy activities which will be different from the regular academics where they can also develop various social skills."

    Teachers can also seek support from active voluntary organizations at the local level to facilitate these activities. The summer camp should have a duration of at least two hours, and it should commence from 7 am onwards. Moreover, efforts should be made to involve parents in this summer camp as well.

    Interesting activities can include foundational language and mathematical proficiency, storytelling, music and singing, art-related work, origami, newspaper art, mask-making, painting, project work, quiz contests, rallies, morning assemblies, education forums, English speaking courses, self-defence, yoga practice, and educational films to maintain the interest of the participants. Moreover, outdoor and indoor sports, theatre, mimicking, and skill development programs can also be included.

    The issued instructions state that for the achievement of the specified goals under the Nipun Bharat Mission, meetings of the district-level and block-level task forces should be organized. These meetings will include programs based on various activities related to the theme of the G20 NEP. The importance of education and the organization of Nipun Bharat sessions will be emphasized. Additionally, there will be demonstrations of digital learning content (such as the Diksha app and Nipun Lakshya app) based on the theme of the G20 Digital Initiative.

    Furthermore, there will be programs related to plantation in nearby areas such as DIAT camps, BSA offices, and others. Under the academic demo, there will be demonstrations of print-rich materials, big books, math science kits, and educational entrance activities. Meetings shall be held with local people under the Education Forum and Street Play to raise awareness among them. Similarly, under role play, classroom teaching, learning based on activities, and the implementation of skill-based activities shall be conducted. The quiz contest shall include questions about Nipun, G20, and current affairs.

    To inform parents about the Nipun Bharat Mission, Nipun Lakshya, classroom-level transformations, DBT, etc., all departmental officials and district coordinators have been told to personally contact parents by June 15. Through the voluntary participation of motivated teachers, ARPs, SRGs, and volunteers, public awareness can be ensured. As part of public awareness, organizing an Education Forum can also be considered. Along with this, district-level programs should be organized by the DIET Principal and BSA to raise awareness among all teachers, parents, and representatives about the National Education Policy and digital learning, according to the instructions.

    The participation of all department officials, district coordinators, dedicated teachers, and D.El.Ed trainees should be ensured.

    Similarly, such programs should also be organized at the divisional and state levels. The State Project Department should be informed by documenting all these programs. —ANI