NIA Appeals for Public Help in Identifying Bengaluru Blast Suspect

    The Hawk
    March9/ 2024
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    NIA seeks collaboration from the public in uncovering the identity of the suspect behind the Bengaluru cafe blast, offering a substantial reward for information leading to his capture.

    Rameshwaram Cafe Blast Suspect

    The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is looking into a bomb blast that happened at Rameshwaram cafe in Bengaluru. They have put out new photos of the person they think did it and are asking everyone to help find him. This person is tall, was wearing a T-shirt, and had a mask on. He was also carrying a backpack in the photos.

    The NIA is offering ₹10 lakh to anyone who can give information about this person who placed the bomb on March 1. Because of the blast, 10 people got hurt and are being treated in hospitals. The NIA also made a drawing of the person and said they will keep the name of the person who helps them a secret.