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    Mafias Are Now Begging For Mercy: Yogi

    The Hawk
    April29/ 2023

    Lucknow: Talking about his government's crackdown on mafias in the state Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Friday that the mafias who used to grab all the funds for development were "now begging for mercy with placards around their necks."

    "The mafias that used to grab all the funds for roads, drains, housing for the poor, and electricity, among others, have been put behind bars. Those mafia dons and professional criminals who used to proudly wander the streets are now begging for mercy with placards around their necks," the Chief Minister said while Addressing a public meeting in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh.

    He also said that before 2017, it took him 4 hours to travel from Gonda to the Devipatan Temple. On the first day of Navratri, however, it took them just 45 minutes. The Chief Minister asserted that every poor person in the "new Uttar Pradesh" receives a house and an electricity connection without any discrimination. Along with that, a cooking gas connection has been provided under the Ujjwala scheme.

    "Today, the government is providing free ration to 15 crore people, health insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh per year to 10 crore people under Ayushman Bharat, and employment arrangements are being made for the youth. Earlier, the mafia would entice youths and force them to hold "tamancha" in their hands. Instead of a gun, we said that the youth must carry a tablet. We imprisoned the mafia in this situation, and the double-engine government is distributing two crore tablets to the youth," Yogi said.

    Stating that India is changing today, Yogi said that significant infrastructure work is being done in this country. "Large institutions, an airport, and a medical college are coming up in the state. The Saryu Canal National Project, which had been delayed for 50 years, was also completed by the double-engine government."

    CM Yogi said that nobody ever thought that three medical colleges would be built in Devipatan Commissionerate. Today, construction has begun in Bahraich and Gonda, while Balrampur hospital's construction is now complete. The Shravasti airport is in the final stages of construction.

    The CM recalled that, prior to 2017, there used to be heaps of garbage in urban areas and fear of miscreants in the cities. Daughters and sisters were unable to go to the market or school as a result of this. Extortion was collected from the traders at the time, but if someone does so today, he is aware of the consequences.

    "Business Welfare Board is being established for traders. An interest-free loan is being made available to them under the Pradhan Mantri Swamitva Yojana," Yogi stated.

    Maintaining that new urban local bodies are being formed in the state, he continued that the boundaries of two Nagar Panchayats have been expanded here. Jai Shaheed is also now becoming a Nagar Panchayat now, he said.