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    Karnataka Mulls Cancelling Christmas, New Year Celebrations to Control Second Covid-19 Wave

    April20/ 2022
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    Bengaluru: Following the expected Covid-19 second wave scenario in month of January or February, Karnataka Health and family welfare minister K. Sudhakar on Friday said that the government is mulling over suspending all celebrations between December 20, 2020, and January 2, 2021 in the state.

    The minister said that the final decision to suspend celebrations will be formally announced only after the meeting with the Chief Minister, B S Yediyurappa.

    This only means that iconic annual new year celebrations by commoners on M G Road and Brigade Road will be cancelled. Such a decision will certainly have an impact on the decision to reopen schools and Pre-University colleges in the state.

    Speaking to reporters after the meeting with members of the Karnataka Covid-19 technical advisory committee (TAC) here, Sudhakar said that the TAC report on Covid strongly suggests stopping mass gathering of any forms to prevent the second wave of Coronavirus infection that may emerge in January or February.

    He added that the TAC has held 58 meetings and issued a report saying that the second wave of Covid -19 is arising. "The second wave will emerge in January or February as per the report of TAC. It had given many suggestions which can help us to prevent or stay safe in the second wave of infection," the minister claimed

    He said that the state government will follow all the measures for the next 45 days to minimise the spread of the infection, as were taken during the first wave.

    "As per TAC recommendations, people should stop mass gathering. Only 100 people will be allowed to attend the weddings, not more than 200 people will be allowed in religious gatherings and only 50 people allowed in cremation. Hospitals will also be kept ready," he said.

    Answering to a question, Sudhakar said that the state government has not thought of clamping night curfew as yet. "I do not think, we will be going to such an extent to cancel any celebrations. I think suspension of such celebrations by the government was enough to deter the people coming in hordes to these roads," he explained.

    He quickly added cryptically stating that generally governments accept recommendations of high level committees appointed by and the TAC is one such committee.

    "If such high level committee recommends something such serious issues, governments tend to listen to such suggestions," he added.


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