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    Karnataka Government Implements Uniform Taxi Fares, Uber and Ola Compliance Mandatory

    The Hawk
    February4/ 2024
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    Karnataka Government Mandates Unified Fare Structure for Taxis - Uber, Ola, and city taxis must adhere to the newly established fare framework by the Karnataka Transport Department.

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    Bengaluru: The Karnataka Transport Department has recently issued a directive that requires both city taxis and ride hailing platforms like Uber and Ola to follow a new uniform fare structure. This means that app based cab aggregators and traditional city taxis across the state will now have the pricing system starting immediately. Previously these two categories operated with fare structures.

    Under the updated fare framework cabs are divided into three categories based on their vehicle cost. For vehicles priced at Rs 10 lakh or below the minimum fare is set at Rs 100 for up to four kilometers with a charge of Rs 24 per extra kilometer. For vehicles in the range of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh the minimum fare is Rs 115 with a per kilometer charge of Rs 28.. For vehicles costing more than Rs 15 lakh the minimum fare is set at Rs 130 along with an additional charge of Rs 32 for each extra kilometer.

    The directive clearly states that cab aggregators are not allowed to impose any charges on passengers. As, for waiting charges the first five minutes are complimentary after which passengers will be charged Re 1 for every minute.

    Additionally according to the order app based aggregators can add a five percent GST and toll charges to passengers fares.
    Operators have the authority to apply a 10 percent fee for cab reservations made from midnight, to 6 am as mentioned in the directive.

    —Input from Agencies