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    Kalkaji Mandir Mata Jagran: One Dead, 17 Injured in Platform Collapse

    The Hawk
    January28/ 2024
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    Tragedy unfolds at Kalkaji Mandir as an iron and wood stage collapses during a Mata Jagran ceremony, resulting in one fatality and 17 injuries. Despite lacking official permission, the event drew a crowd of 1500-1600 people.

    Kalkaji Mandir Incident

    New Delhi: On Saturday night a tragic incident occurred during a Mata Jagran ceremony at the Kalkaji Mandir in Delhi. Unfortunately a woman lost her life while 17 others sustained injuries when an elevated platform made of iron and wood collapsed according to the Delhi Police.

    Despite not having the permission for the event a considerable police presence was deployed to maintain law and order. The gathering consisted of around 1500 1600 people who witnessed this collapse of the platform.

    Upon arriving at the scene the crime team filed a case against the event organizers under sections 337, 304A and 188 of the Indian Penal Code. As per police sources this platform was constructed with both wood and iron to accommodate families of organizers and VIPs.

    At 12;30 am under the weight of those present on it the platform gave way resulting in injuries to both seated and standing individuals. The injured were quickly transported by ambulances, to medical facilities including AIIMS Trauma Centre, Safdarjung Hospital and MAX Hospital.

    The police are still working on confirming the identity of the individual. Investigations are underway to determine how this unfortunate incident unfolded.