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    JMM-Led Coalition Leaders Approach Jharkhand Governor, Urging Swift Government Formation

    The Hawk
    February1/ 2024
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    Amidst a political upheaval, Champai Soren, the new leader of the JMM-led coalition, meets Jharkhand Governor to expedite government formation.

    JMM leader Champai Soren

    Ranchi: Amidst the turmoil in Jharkhand, Champai Soren, who leads the legislative party of JMM met with Governor CP Radhakrishnan on Wednesday to emphasize the need for a prompt decision regarding their claim to form the government. Highlighting the urgency of the situation Soren expressed that the governor assured their alliance delegation that a decision would be reached soon.

    "After than 20 hours without a government in Jharkhand we requested the governor to expedite the decision making process " said Champai Soren following their meeting at Raj Bhavan.

    Champai Soren took over as the leader of JMMs legislative party after Hemant Soren resigned as Chief Minister on Wednesday night. Hemant Sorens resignation came after facing questioning by ED in connection with a money laundering case, which ultimately led to his arrest.

    Emphasizing unity within their alliance Champai Soren stated, "Our alliance is unbreakable; we stand united."

    A video released by the JMM led coalition showcased support from 43 out of 81 legislators, in the Jharkhand assembly.

    "If an invitation is not extended by tomorrow noon we will request another audience " warned Alamgir Alam, leader of Congress Legislative Party after meeting with Governor.
    During the meeting there were discussions about the possibility of bargaining if a prompt decision regarding government formation was not reached. Champai Soren was accompanied by Alamgir Alam, Satyanand Bhokta (an MLA from RJD) Vinod Singh (a legislator, from CPI ML) and Pradeep Yadav (a lawmaker).

    —Input from Agencies