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    Soumitra Bose
    May10/ 2024
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    Modi with Indian billionaires

    Jinga-La-La...Adieu: Leaders leading the adieu to India are: Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, Keshav Mahindra, Ratan Tata + at least 50-near-top-shots like them. They all are shifting to "tax free" Dubai. Reason: Government's implementation of Luxury Tax, inheritence tax. When implemented post-poll-result-announcements, the above personalities, now on skies, will instantly fall on grounds and be "worse than penurious, parsimonious than now", leak insiders mighty sorely. The ground-people in the country will exuberantly, joyously sing in chorus "Jinga-la-la-hee-haw..." They will get the promised monies to them since pre-2014 poll promises till now. As it is, there is a lot of heart burn amid the infinite-like masses all throughout the country as none of them have got even a pie till date. Their going beserk, indulge in open revolt, open break down in law and order...Very near any moment unless they are paid their promised monies right away...Very sensitive, very delicate, very tenuous, very dicey at the same time, flagrantly reveal they. ...Near balkanisation-like, term repertoire of astute analysts with full fledged statistics, figures, data et al. Meanwhile, back to the above top shots and more: They already, reportedly, have chosen their "multiple spots", finalised them all, it is reliably understood. Helping them, not all of them though, is "our very own gang in Dubai"...Gotcha?!?