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    Jatayu idol getting ready for installation in temple complex

    The Hawk
    November28/ 2023
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    Divine Craftsmanship: Sculptors Add Final Touches to Jatayu Idol at Ayodhya's Ram Temple, Prime Minister Modi Set to Pay Tribute in January.

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    Ayodhya: Sculptors deployed at the under-construction Ram temple site in Ayodhya, are now giving final touches to the idol of Jatayu, the divine bird that played a crucial role in the Ramayana.

    The Jatayu idol will be set up at the temple of mythological vulture over Kuber Teela and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to offer his tributes to Jatayu on January 22 before presiding over the consecration ceremony.

    “Paying respect to Jatayu is important since it will also symbolise commemorating the Ram Bhakts who laid down their lives during the struggle to ensure Ram temple is restored at the same site,” said an office-bearer of the Mandir Trust.

    Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s regional spokesperson Sharad Sharma said: “Senior office-bearers of the trust who invited the Prime Minister for the consecration ceremony have discussed the importance of Jatayu’s role in the epic. Jatayu’s temple and his idol are in final stages and would be ready before the ceremony takes place in January as Modi is expected to offer his tributes and prayers to the divine bird.”

    Meanwhile, the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra said that the slab over the ground floor is being installed while work on readying the ground floor with intricate carvings is also on.

    Visitors will have to walk over the marble flooring to reach the sanctum sanctorum (garbh griha) and artists and sculptures are giving final shapes to the details at present.

    Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra on Monday released the latest pictures of the construction work being done at the site.