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    J&K Muslim Teen Rendition of Ram 'Bhajan' Strikes a Chord Online

    The Hawk
    January15/ 2024
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    Muslim teenager Syeda Batool Zehra's mesmerizing rendition of a Ram Bhajan in Pahari language goes viral, showcasing cultural unity ahead of Ayodhya's Ram temple consecration. Inspired by Jubin Nautiyal, Zehra's musical journey breaks barriers, promoting harmony and collaboration in Jammu and Kashmir. Her belief in unity, regardless of religion, resonates as she expresses love for her country.

    Syeda Batool Zehra

    Srinagar: In a heartwarming display of cultural unity, a Muslim teenager hailing from Uri tehsil in Jammu and Kashmir has captivated online audiences with her soulful rendition of a Ram 'bhajan' in the Pahari language. Syeda Batool Zehra (19), a college student and member of the Syed community, has emerged as a sensation, drawing attention ahead of the upcoming consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

    Inspired by the renowned singer Jubin Nautiyal, Zehra shared her musical journey at a public durbar organized by the police department in Kupwara. "Recently, I sang a Ram Bhajan which has gone viral," she shared with reporters, recounting how she stumbled upon a Hindi 'bhajan' by Jubin Nautiyal on YouTube. Encouraged by the melody, Zehra decided to create her version in the Pahari language.

    Recounting her creative process, Zehra explained, "I sang it in Hindi first and I felt good about it. Then I thought of singing it in my Pahari language. I translated it, used various resources to write this four-line bhajan, and posted it online."

    Despite being a Muslim, Zehra expressed no reservations about singing a 'bhajan' and highlighted the principles of unity and patriotism. "Our LG is a Hindu, but he does not discriminate against us on the basis of religion while carrying out development work. Our Imam Hussain has also taught us that the followers of the Prophet love the country in which they live. Loving one's country is part of being faithful," she affirmed.

    Zehra extended her support for collaboration among different religious communities, stating, "The LG is going from place to place to solve the problems of people, and Modi ji is giving priority to Jammu and Kashmir. It is also our duty to cooperate with them because I believe that Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians are brothers."

    The Ram temple consecration ceremony is scheduled for January 22, and Zehra's soul-stirring rendition adds a poignant note of unity in the lead-up to this historic event.

    —Input from Agencies