ISRO chief prays at Andhra Pradesh temple ahead of INSAT-3DS launch

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    February17/ 2024
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    ISRO Chairman S Somanath seeks divine blessings at Chengalamma temple ahead of INSAT-3DS meteorological satellite launch. Somanath expresses hope for mission success in tracking weather, climate, and cyclones.

    ISRO chief S Somanath

    Tirupati: ISRO Chairman S Somanath on Saturday visited Sri Chengalamma Parameshwari temple in Nellore district ahead of the launch of INSAT-3DS meteorological satellite on Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV) rocket and prayed for its success.

    Somanath visited the temple at Sullurpeta this morning along with a couple of other officials to participate in a short ritual and also offered flowers to the deity.

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    "I came here today to seek the blessings of Chengalamma Bhagavati for the success of this mission," Somnath told reporters.

    The ISRO chief noted that the mission launch has been scheduled at 5:35 pm today for the meteorological satellite which studies weather, climate and also tracks cyclones.

    It is customary for ISRO officials to visit this temple before rocket launches and the tradition goes back to around 15 years. Somanath had visited the temple on the eve of the Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya-L1 missions as well.