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    Indians in Israel feed 300 people during Ram temple consecration puja

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    January23/ 2024
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    Indians in Israel, predominantly from Telengana, unite in joyous celebration for the grand consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Telengana Association in Israel orchestrates a cultural extravaganza, featuring bhajans, kirtans, and a delectable Indian feast.

    Ram Temple Ayodhya

    Tel Aviv: A joyous gathering of hundred Indians, from Telengana came together to celebrate a significant cultural event. They organized a puja ceremony to honor the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Telengana Association in Israel orchestrated these festivities at the Beit Dani Hall in Tel Aviv on Saturday leading up to the consecration event in Ayodhya on Monday.

    During this extravaganza participants sang bhajans and kirtans creating an atmosphere filled with devotion and vibrancy. To add to the celebration 300 people enjoyed a spread of traditional Indian cuisine provided by the organizers.

    The highlight of the Ayodhya ceremony was the consecration of an idol representing the Ram Lalla. This historic event took place on Monday. Was greatly influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who emphasized that this moment should symbolize more than the temples construction. He emphasized its significance as a foundation for building a divine India for generations to come.

    People from over the world tuned in to watch this 'pran pratishtha (consecration)' ceremony, from their homes and local temples savoring this historical occasion.
    Ravi Soma, the president of the Telengana Association, in Israel expressed joy saying, "Every Hindu around the world had been eagerly anticipating this moment. It's beyond words for me because I never expected to witness it in my lifetime."

    Dodle Swami from Telengana the organizer of the event played a role in coordinating this gathering. Many participants considered it one of the gatherings ever held in Israel. The event was organized swiftly. Received an enthusiastic response from the community.

    In Israel, where 20,000 Indians reside a moment of cultural unity and celebration unfolded as their Indian community came together to celebrate the consecration of the Ram temple, in Ayodhya.

    —Input from Agencies