Indian Navy Successfully Rescues 19 Pakistani Nationals from Somali Pirate

    The Hawk
    January30/ 2024
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    Indian Navy's INS Sumitra undertakes a daring anti-piracy mission in the Southern Arabian Sea, rescuing 36 crew members from hijacked Iranian and Pakistani fishing vessels.

    Indian Navy with the pirates

    The Indian Navys own Offshore Patrol Vessel, INS Sumitra, recently carried out a rescue operation to save 19 Pakistani citizens from Somali pirates. Additionally they successfully recovered the fishing vessel Al Naeemi, which had been seized by 11 pirates.

    INS Sumitra, deployed for Anti Piracy and Maritime Security Operations in Eastern Somalia and the Gulf of Aden promptly responded to a distress call reporting the hijacking of the Iranian flagged Fishing Vessel (FV) Iman. Pirates had taken control of the vessel. Held its crew hostage. Following established protocols and employing tactics INS Sumitra safely rescued the vessel along with its 17 Iranian crew members during the early hours of January 29.

    After ensuring that FV Iman was secure and free from any threats Commander Vivek Madhwal, spokesperson, for the Indian Navy confirmed that it was allowed to proceed on its intended journey. Notably INS Sumitra wasted no time. Quickly resumed its duties.

    Based on intelligence received the warship intercepted another Iranian flagged fishing vessel named Al Naeemi on that very same day.
    INS Sumitra utilized helicopters and boats to ensure the safe release of a vessel and its 19 Pakistani crew members. Commander Vivek Madhwal highlighted the determined efforts of INS Sumitra emphasizing that in less than 36 hours the team successfully rescued two hijacked fishing vessels along with a total of 36 crew members (17 Iranian and 19 Pakistani). This operation took place in the Southern Arabian Sea around 850 miles west of Kochi. It played a role in preventing these fishing vessels from being used as mother ships for further acts of piracy, on merchant vessels.