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    India Firm And Fair: Jaishankar Asserts Vision For A Digitized Future

    Inam Ansari
    May7/ 2024
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     External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar

    New Delhi: External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Tuesday emphasised India's stance as a principled yet robust nation highlighting the country's evolving approach towards challenges such as terrorism and border disputes.
    In his address, the EAM also underscored the nation's commitment to integrity and resilience.
    "The image of India is of friendly but fair... If you look at a challenge like terrorism, the world recognises that today's India deals with terrorism very differently from how it used to," remarked Jaishankar at the Viksit Bharat 2047 programme held at Hansraj College in the national capital.
    "The comparison is very simple. What happened in the Mumbai attacks and what happened in Uri and Balakot... That's a comparison they make. We have a challenge at our China border. They look at these people (India) standing up and sending the troops. They are staying firm... We came under pressure not to buy oil from Russia... India said my interests require that I buy oil and I am not hiding it... We were very open and honest about it... We were very courageous about it. The sense today is that India is a firm country but it is also a fair country," he added drawing a juxtaposition between past and present responses to security threats. Touching upon India's technological advancements, Jaishankar lauded the nation's rapid digital transformation. "Today if you look at the range, how digitised India has become. How many of you today anymore use cash?" he queried, pointing out India's dominance in cashless transactions compared to global counterparts.
    "We think it is normal, but others don't think that. In India, we do 10-11 billion cashless transactions per month. America does 4 billion in a year... China does a maximum of 20 billion in a year... People today get their income tax, housing allotments and driving licenses faster... We give passports faster... Digital has cut down corruption because everything is digitally recorded... With transparency, honesty also comes," the External Affairs Minister also said.
    Discussing the future trajectory, Jaishankar envisioned India as a formidable economic force, poised to surpass the 5 trillion-dollar mark and emerge as the world's third-largest economy. "By the time we reach Amrit Kal, we are confident of minimum being a 30 trillion economy," he declared, outlining ambitious growth targets.
    Urging the audience to recognise the significance of the Viksit Bharat initiative, Jaishankar emphasised its pragmatic implications. "Please don't think it is a slogan... It is something very serious," he affirmed, urging the youth to actively engage in shaping India's trajectory towards development. Jaishankar also encapsulated the essence of the program's theme, urging collective effort towards realizing the vision of a prosperous and advanced India. "That sense that how do we achieve, how do we prepare for this journey of 25 years? That is really what all of you should focus on," he said, inspiring the next generation to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead. —ANI