In the defence sector, 72 products have been indigenized ahead of schedule by PSUs

    The Hawk
    October8/ 2022

    New Delhi (The Hawk): On Friday, the Defense Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) announced that 72 out of 214 items have been indigenized by the DPSUs, which is a significant amount of time earlier than the DPSUs' original indigenization timeline. 

    Within the prescribed timeframe of December 2022, the remaining 142 items will be indigenously produced. Some of the most important sub-systems and linereplacement units (LRUs) that have been indigenously developed are as follows: a magazine fire fighting system for ships; a steering gear system and fin stabilisers with control for frigates; pressurised containers for Akash missiles; KOE charge for Konkurs missiles; electric motors, decontamination sets, and prism optical instruments for battle tanks. 

    In addition to these things, other essential components includepolychloroprene rubber bands, high pressure regulating valves for ships,
    intermediate castings for helicopters, and polychloroprene rubber bands for submarines.

    In December 2021, March 2022, and August 2022, respectively, the Ministry of Defense notified three positive indigenization lists (PIL) for LRUs/sub-systems/assemblies/sub-assemblies/components, along with an indicative timeline for their indigenization. 

    The first PIL includes indigenization of 351 items, while the second PIL includes 107 items, and the third PIL includes 780 items.  

    (Inputs from Agencies)