Hyderabad: Passenger, airport staff arrested in gold smuggling case

    The Hawk
    September7/ 2023
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    New Delhi: Customs officials at the Hyderabad airport have arrested a passenger and an airport staff member for allegedly smuggling 933 grams of gold worth Rs 56.63 lakhs, authorities said on Thursday.

    A senior Customs official said the accused were apprehended based on profiling.

    “The accused passenger arrived at the Hyderabad airport from Dubai on Monday. Gold was discovered in his luggage. During inquiry, it was revealed that the gold was intended to be smuggled out with the assistance of airport staff,” the official said.

    The seized gold was confiscated under the provisions of section 110 of the Customs Act and the passenger was detained under section 104 of the Customs Act.

    Later, Customs officials also arrested the airport staff member.

    Further investigation into the matter is ongoing.