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    Home of Krishna Around 700 temples in Mathura celebrate Ram Lalla's Consecration

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    January22/ 2024
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    Mathura Radiates Splendor in Reverence to Ayodhya’s Ram Temple: Join the festivities across 700 adorned temples, from divine idol transformations to vibrant cultural programs, and witness the city's joyous embrace of the consecration ceremony.

    Krishna Janmasthan Temple

    Mathura: Mathura, the sacred abode of Lord Krishna, is alive with vibrant celebrations in honor of the consecration ceremony at Ayodhya’s Ram temple. More than 700 temples across the city are adorned with elaborate decorations, ranging from Sunder Kand recitals to captivating sand art displays.

    Major intersections in Mathura, including the revered Krishna Janmasthan Temple, have been transformed into spectacular displays, while community kitchens, known as bhandaras, have sprung up in various parts of the city.

    Inside the Radha-Krishna mandir within the temple complex, the idols have taken on the divine semblance of Lord Ram and Sita, as shared by Kapil Sharma, secretary of Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Seva Sansthan. Notably, the idol of Lord Krishna at the Banke Bihari Temple now bears a bow and arrow, alongside the customary flute, paying homage to the 'pran pratishtha' of 'Ram Lalla' in Ayodhya.

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    The Thakur Dwarkadhish Temple illuminates with lights, and lamps are set to be donated in the evening. Devotees received 'prasad' from 10 am to 11 am at the temple.

    Sunder Kand recitals and devotional songs echoed in the morning at the festooned Keshavdev Temple, while the Govardhan intersection (Atal Chowk) witnessed a sizable gathering for a sand art depiction of the Ram temple, crafted by artist Sameer from Jhansi.

    Deorha Ghat and Kanha Gaushala showcased sand art representations of the temple and Lord Ram, created by artists from Odisha using sand from the Yamuna, as reported by Gopal Vashishtha, tax inspector at the Vrindavan office of the municipal corporation.

    The local markets have witnessed a surge in customer activity, with items such as earthen lamps, lighting devices, and flags flying off the shelves.

    At 4 pm, a 'deepotsav' is scheduled at Devraha Baba Ghat, and Jugal Ghat is set to host various cultural programs amidst a vibrant 'rangoli' made with 500 kg of flowers, according to a senior district administration official.

    District Magistrate Shailendra Kumar Singh and Senior Superintendent of Police Shailesh Kumar Pandey highlighted that approximately 700 temples in the district are actively participating in events related to the consecration ceremony.

    Security measures have been intensified, with a substantial police presence in the city. Hotels, ashrams, and guest houses are subject to thorough checks, and drone surveillance is in place. The police force remains vigilant, especially along the route leading to Shahi Idgah, with only local residents granted entry, subject to inquiry. Increased security measures have also been implemented at other temples, including the Banke Bihari Temple.

    The consecration of the new Ram Lalla idol at the Ayodhya temple, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, marks a significant moment in the city's festivities.

    —Input from Agencies