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    Himachal Pradesh snowfall: Over 500 Roads Blocked, Power, and Water Schemes Hit

    The Hawk
    February3/ 2024
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    Winter Woes in Himachal Pradesh: Snowfall Paralyzes 504 Roads, Hampers Power and Water Schemes - State Takes Swift Action Amidst Tourist Surge

    Visuals from Tikkar area of Nawar District of HP

    Shimla (Himachal Pradesh): Himachal Pradesh is currently facing the aftermath of snowfall which has caused significant disruptions across the state. A total of 504 roads, including four National Highways have become impassable due to the snowfall as reported by the State Disaster Management Authority. The impact of this snowfall has been extensive with various areas being affected. These include Shimla with 161 roads Lahaul Spiti with 153 closed roads Kullu with 76 closed roads Mandi with 44 closed roads Chamba with 62 closed roads Kinnaur with 7 closed roads and Kangra with one closed road. Additionally there are disruptions in electricity supply schemes (674 schemes) and water supply schemes (44 schemes) further adding to the challenges faced by residents.

    Efforts are underway to snow in nine stations located in Lahaul Spiti following fresh snowfall in higher regions. The police department in Lahaul Spiti has been using social media platforms to provide updates on weather conditions and road statuses for Saturday. They have reported that these nine stations. Keylong, Kaza, Sumdo, Udaipur, Tindi, Koksar, Sissu North Portal and South Portal. Have observed snow depths ranging from 1 to 5 feet.

    Despite the beauty created by snowy landscapes, in Himachal Pradesh recently attracting an influx of tourists since New Years celebrations began.While other states in North India are dealing with fog Himachal Pradesh offers a setting with its enchanting snowfall making it an attractive destination for tourists. However it is important to exercise caution and evaluate the weather conditions before planning any travel in the region as emphasized by the Himachal Pradesh Police.

    This advisory comes after reports on Friday revealed that heavy snowfall had led to the closure of 566 roads, including nearly six national highways. Moreover, around 700 electricity supply schemes were disrupted, highlighting the impact of the winter weather in this area.

    —Input from Agencies