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    Hemant Soren Alleges ED's Move Aims to Destabilize Democratically Elected Jharkhand Govt

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    February1/ 2024
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    JMM Chief Hemant Soren Fights Back Against ED's Alleged Misuse of Power. Soren's Supreme Court petition claims an illegitimate arrest aimed at destabilizing Jharkhand's democratically elected government.

    Hemant Soren

    New Delhi: JMM leader Hemant Soren has taken action against the Enforcement Directorate (ED) accusing them of misusing their powers to undermine the democratically elected government in Jharkhand. Soren, represented by Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal and advocate Pragya Baghel urgently seeks a hearing to address his concerns. The matter has been scheduled for listing on Friday, January 2.

    In his petition Soren argues that his arrest was both unlawful and without jurisdiction highlighting its intent. He urgently requests the court to declare the arrest and subsequent detention as arbitrary, illegal and violative of his fundamental rights under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Soren urges the court to direct the ED to release him promptly.

    Accusing the Enforcement Directorate of acting on behalf of the Central Government Soren states that they are brazenly working against him with an aim to destabilize an elected government led by himself as Chief Minister of Jharkhand.

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    Soren alleges harassment, by the ED and asserts that they are misusing their authority for political gains on behalf of rivals.

    During the court session he mentioned that he had sent his request to the ED via email on January 31 urging them to wait for the Supreme Courts proceedings. However despite this he alleges that the ED unlawfully detained him.

    The petition questions the legality of the summonses issued by the ED on January 22 and January 25 2024 under Section 50 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. Soren argues that these summonses not go against the purpose and provisions of the mentioned act but also infringe upon his fundamental rights as guaranteed by Articles 14 19 and 21 of the Constitution.

    Soren contends that these actions taken by the ED are part of a plan to destabilize a democratically elected government in Jharkhand, where he previously served as Chief Minister before his arrest. The charges leveled against him relate to a land scandal involving allegations of forging records, with counterfeit documents to acquire valuable land parcels.

    —Input from Agencies