Harsh Weather

    May13/ 2023
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    Harsh Weather

    The unexpected change in weather patterns in recent times has surprised meteorologists. Even though common people have been saying that the weather of February-March is being felt in May, will summer come in May? But this situation is not so common. This change has deep implications and is by no means a good sign for our weather cycle. Changes in weather adversely affect the production of our vegetation, crops and fruits and their natural development is also hindered. Where is it being That this unusual weather is the new normal of today's era. The sudden increase in heat in last March and below normal temperature in May is not a good sign. In March, due to increased heat at the time of ripening of wheat crop, there was a decrease in its production. The surprising thing is that in the month of May there was snowfall on the higher peaks of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

    Undoubtedly, it is surprising to see snowfall in the low altitude areas of Jammu-Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal during this season. These rare events are our concern Should be the subject of Suffice it to say that the record low temperatures are a respite from the heat, but the change in weather patterns should be our concern. This fact is not hidden from anyone that such fluctuations in the weather are actually said to be an extension of the climate crisis. It is feared that this change may affect the quality of monsoon as well. Which calls for a serious analysis. Meteorologists fear that such extreme weather events will affect our normal life amid the continuous warming of the earth.can have adverse effects. Whose challenge is necessary to face in time. It is worth mentioning that in the last few days severe heat wave was observed in some parts of India and Pakistan. Scientists are apprehensive that between the years 2031 and 2060 there may be severe heat. This intensity of heat may double between the years 2071 to 2100. 

    The study by meteorologists shows that there has been a 55 per cent increase in deaths due to extreme heat in India between 2000 and 2004 and 2017 to 2021. Actually, due to the warming of the Arabian SeaDue to this, there is a possibility of increasing the intensity of heat in North West and Central India. Undoubtedly, we need to make concrete plans in view of the impending future crisis. Keeping in view the larger concerns of public safety, the need of the hour is to prepare a comprehensive action plan for prevention of heat stroke. We have to be prepared to protect the cities from damage because completely new circumstances are arising before us. Especially the weaker sections of the society need to be identified. The fact cannot be forgotten thatThe effect of the intensity of the weather is more on the poor section of the society. 

    Now whether it is heat wave, cold wave or flood – it is the poor section that becomes its victim. Undoubtedly, the economically weaker population should be identified first. Then infrastructure should be prepared to deal with emergency situations. Also, an awareness campaign should be launched in view of the health hazards associated with heat exposure. Corporates and voluntary organizations in the society should cooperate to provide potable water facilities in towns and cities., It is the responsibility of the governments to provide immediate financial and technical assistance in view of the warming environment. The expansion of greenery in the cities will prove to be a valuable investment in solving the problem. Apart from this, to avoid heat, friendly construction techniques will have to be encouraged by harmonizing with the traditional building construction style.

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