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    Hand Now Yours

    Soumitra Bose
    February26/ 2024
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    'Hand Now Yours' / Kamal in full cry or should one aptly say, aptly so, 'cause, the kamal wants to maintain its official image of being the world's largest (political) party or assemblage or congregation or "unity personified" or "jamghat'...So it wants --- and, rightly so, admit political pundits --- to gobble all lock, stock, barrel with its final aim being "the kamal for all, by all, of all"....It'll be abundantly clear after the ensuing General Elections' results will be out with the kamal bagging at least 400-430 seats on its own, as thoroughly calculated with facts, figures, statistics, probabilities aplenty from all angles (im)possible, confide mighty excited insiders. They unabashedly admit, Modi Hai To Yeh To Moomkeen Hai Hee Balkee Ees-sey Kai Adheek, Dekhne Waley Achambhe Sey Dekhte Raha Jaayenge Evam Baakrahit Rahenge...Yeh Hai Modi Ka Magic...Modi, Modi...Jayollaas Har Taraf Abhee Sey...Thus in context of this, indeed, hand over "bow and arrow", and, what-have-you but only Kamal...Thus, hand over now yours".

    —Soumitra Bose