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    Gujarat: 13,000 cusecs water discharged from Vasna barrage in Sabarmati River to regulate water level

    The Hawk
    September19/ 2023
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    Ahmedabad: In wake of incessant rainfall in Gujarat over last several days, approximately 13,000 cusecs of water have been discharged from the Vasna barrage into the Sabarmati River in the last two days to regulate the increasing water level.

    Several areas of Ahmedabad have witnessed waterlogging amid the ongoing rainfall.

    On Tuesday, a steady discharge of 8,040 cusecs of water is flowing from the Narmada main canal into the Sabarmati River. An additional 20,012 cusecs of water is being released from the Sant Sarovar Dam, further contributing to the heightened water flow in the Sabarmati.

    Vasna barrage will release approximately 30,000 cusecs of water into the Sabarmati River by Tuesday evening, as part of ongoing efforts to regulate water levels.

    The local administration has asked the residents living in villages along the Sabarmati River downstream of the Vasna barrage to exercise caution and remain vigilant about the changing water conditions.