Ghaziabad: Rape victim security guard dies in hospital, 1 held

    The Hawk
    August29/ 2023
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    Ghaziabad: A 19-year-old girl, who was working as a security guard in a housing society in Ghaziabad, died in a hospital on Monday after allegedly being gang-raped by her supervisor and two of his accomplices.

    The incident took place on Sunday in the basement of the society.

    The victim was admitted to a hospital in a critical condition by her colleagues, from where he was referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

    Police arrested supervisor Ajay, the main accused, on Sunday itself and are investigating the matter. Before her death, the victim had recorded her statement in front of a magistrate.

    The victim’s cousin has alleged that after the rape, the accused forced her to drink cold drink laced with poison.

    The victim had shifted from her hometown in Jharkhand to Ghaziabad recently for a job.

    She was living at her aunt’s house in the Crossing Republic police station area.

    On Sunday afternoon, the cousin of the victim girl called police helpline number 112 and informed about the gangrape by three youths.

    Before the arrival of the police, the victim’s colleagues took her to a hospital in Greater Noida. But, due to her critical condition, he was referred to Safdarjung Hospital.

    The cousin of the victim has lodged an FIR against security supervisor Ajay and two unknown youths for gangrape, and assault.

    A senior official said that the police reached the hospital as soon as the information was received where the doctors told them that the girl had consumed some poisonous substance, which worsened her condition.

    Meanwhile, the magistrate also reached the hospital to record the statement. As the victim was not in a position to speak much, she gave her statement by writing on paper.

    In the statement, she mentioned Ajay’s involvement in the incident. There is no mention of the other two youths in the written statement.

    Taking immediate action, the police arrested the security supervisor and are interrogating him.

    The official said that the crime was committed in the basement of the society, where there is a security supervisor’s room.

    Statements of other security personnel present there are also being recorded.

    The officials are investigating whether only one person was involved in the incident or there were three.