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    Funtoosh This

    Soumitra Bose
    March1/ 2024
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    Funtoosh This or Truth Personified To The Core...This question currently is firmly doggedly bothering aplenty. Question is, 200 what? Rs 200 per litre of petrol in the coming days or 200 is the number of seats the ruling conglomerate will get in the coming "grand elections all throughout the country that is actually dilly-dallying around straight 450+ seats for the NDA, come what may". Under such scenario, how come 200?. 200, what? 200: Of what, by what, for what...How / why 200? Rumours have it that 200 will be the price of one litre of petrok in the coming days. This will be done to "end" petrol consumption in the country, end crude oil import and save the country's invaluable foreign money reserve that is already at its lowest ebb due to draining out of foreign exchange reserve due to excessive crude oil import that is only increasing day by day instead of dwindling...To arrest it, 200/litre of petrol. Thereafter, if still required, 300 / litre of petrol and upward. ...And upward till the usage of petrol is "0". The idea behind it is to force the people stop using petrol so that the country benefits.

    —Soumitra Bose