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    Former Sikkim BJP president D.B. Chauhan resigns

    Chirag Kaul
    March20/ 2023
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    Former Sikkim BJP president D.B. Chauhan resigned the national party.

    D.B. Chauhan BJP

    Gangtok: Former Sikkim BJP president D.B. Chauhan on Monday resigned from the party's primary membership ending all ties with the national party.

    "I worked in the party in different capacities for the last 10 years in which I tried to serve our state through the party platform. I am thankful to all the party workers, leaders and well-wishers who supported me and the party. I now realise that my service is no more required in the party," said Chauhan in his resignation letter addressed to top party leadership.

    "I wish all the party functionaries a good time ahead, God bless all," said Chauhan in his letter.

    When contacted, the former State BJP president said he has no immediate plans regarding his future political course of action. However, I am interested in working for the people of Sikkim through a regional political party, he said.

    "I want to work for a regional party that has a Sikkimese ethos as national parties have failed to understand our local issues and sentiments. The national parties tend to look at Sikkim and our people through a Delhi-based perspective," he added.

    Chauhan served as the state BJP president for seven years before quitting the post on December 13, 2022. He had claimed that the BJP central leadership's indifference towards the Sikkim BJP unit forced him to take the decision. He was associated with the state BJP as a primary member.

    Chauhan shared that he is interested in working with a new regional party that genuinely wants to address the pressing issues like unemployment, drug abuse and basic requirements that have been overlooked by even the established political parties in the state. "I want to work for a party that has new ideas and is honest to the real issues of Sikkimese," he added. IANS