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    Food For Thought

    Soumitra Bose
    April8/ 2024
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    Food For Thought...Is it not apt, appropriate, more-than-about-time to chuck him out of soup by a single, swift blow / whiff with "mere" fingers to be next ensconced in "live happily thereafter, for ever and sing la-la-laale-la...". 'Pain in the u---' be done away with right away with for long lasting 'all round relief as then when the Rakshasas, Demons, Frankestein, Ravan etc demolished after which the peole of all hues en masse lived happily thereafter in utmost all round relief and breathed last. Bv till that happened, it was unbearable for them like now. Disparities, discriminations, -Ve distinctions, deprivations, denials are writ large all around thus excruciatingly painful, intolerable thus unbearable thus its of utmost necessity to "blow him away with a whiff"...Food for thought thus, say innumerable many. Yahoo.