Flashback to 2008: When Adolf Lu Hitler was arrested by John F Kennedy in Meghalaya

    The Hawk
    March19/ 2024
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    In a peculiar twist during the 2008 Meghalaya Assembly elections, NCP candidate Adolf Lu Hitler Marak found under arrest by SP John F Kennedy, setting the stage for headlines that captured the nation's imagination.

    Adolf Lu Hitler

    New Delhi: 'Adolf Lu Hitler arrested by John F Kennedy', read newspaper headlines during the 2008 assembly elections in Meghalaya, piquing interest of people across the country given the historical significance of the names.

    It so happened that then NCP candidate Adolf Lu Hitler Marak was arrested by Superintendent of Police John F Kennedy during campaigning for the assembly polls.

    The following day, newspapers splashed the headline 'Adolf Lu Hitler Arrested by John F Kennedy'. The headlines quickly became the talk of the town.

    Hitler later won the elections too.

    This anecdote was shared by the Election Commission in a post on X as the country gears up for Lok Sabha polls this year.

    Last year, Adolf Lu Hitler Marak joined the TMC.