Delhi Man Stabbed, Shot by Gang of Four in Shastri Park

    The Hawk
    January28/ 2024
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    In a shocking turn of events, a youth in Shastri Park, Delhi, fell victim to a brutal assault by four individuals. Stabbed with a knife and subsequently shot, the victim suffered injuries on both legs.

    Screengrab from the video confirmed by Delhi Police

    New Delhi: A disturbing incident took place in Shastri Park when the Delhi police filed a case after a young person was attacked by a group of four individuals who stabbed and shot him. The incident came to light on Saturday when the victim reported the assault to the authorities.

    As per the victim, whose identity remains unknown at this time he was assaulted by four attackers who were armed with a knife. Subsequently one of them fired a gunshot injuring the victim. The attack resulted in injuries on both legs leading to his admission to JPC Hospital. Later he was transferred to GTB Hospital. Then referred to RML Hospital for further medical care.

    A Delhi Police official confirmed that a case has been registered and an investigation is currently underway. The four perpetrators are still at large. Authorities are actively working towards apprehending them.

    The Shastri Park Police Station became aware of this incident through a PCR call reporting the gunshot. The victims account of the attack is crucial for investigations as law enforcement strives to gather more information, about this distressing event.