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    Dehradun PIB Organizes 'Vartalaap' To Discuss Three New Criminal Laws

    Inam Ansari
    May13/ 2024
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    Dehradun PIB Organizes 'Vartalaap'

    Dehradun: The Dehradun-based Press Information Bureau (PIB) conducted a workshop named 'Vartalaap' in Dehradun to discuss the forthcoming implementation of three new criminal laws: the Indian Code of Justice 2023, Indian Civil Defense Code 2023, and Indian Evidence Act 2023, effective from July 1, 2024.
    The event took place at the Sardar Patel Bhawan of Police Headquarters, with Uttarakhand Police Director General Abhinav Kumar as the chief guest and PIB Director General Pragya Paliwal Gaur in attendance.
    During the workshop, Director General of PIB New Delhi said that the conversation program has been organized in collaboration with Uttarakhand Police with the aim of detailed discussion about these three new laws. He said that the goal of these three new laws is not to punish anyone, but to give justice.
    He emphasized that the new laws have been strengthened in view of the country's army and is completely focused on the citizens, in which crimes related to women and children have been made comprehensive. DG PIB said that every system related to justice has been made accountable with these laws.
    Addressing the conversation, the chief guest of the program, Director General of Uttarakhand Police Abhinav Kumar said that for the first time, extensive changes have been made through these three new laws passed by the Parliament.
    He said that these three new laws will affect the police, prosecution, prison system and judiciary, the main parts of the criminal justice system.
    Kumar mentioned significant revisions in the recent criminal laws. Specifically, the Indian Code of Justice underwent 190 alterations, while the Indian Civil Defense Code saw 360 modifications. Additionally, 45 amendments were introduced in the Indian Evidence Act. He noted that Uttarakhand has initiated training sessions for all its officers and police personnel regarding these legal updates. The DGP said that six committees have been formed to implement the laws at the state level. These committees are Manpower Committee, Training Committee, CCTNS Committee, Infrastructure Committee, Police Manual Committee and Awareness Committee. These committees have prepared a plan of action to implement the new laws. He said that in the new laws utmost priority has been given to forensic investigation so that accurate and speedy justice can be delivered. —ANI