DCW warns Flipkart, Amazon over acid sales

    The Hawk
    December15/ 2022
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    New Delhi (The Hawk): Two online retailers, Flipkart and Amazon, received notifications from the Delhi Commission for Women on Thursday for selling acid on their sites.

    After a schoolgirl was attacked with acid in the nation's capital on Wednesday, the notices were given out. According to some early reports, the acid was ordered online. However, it is illegal to sell acid in the market.

    "The commission now knows that the accused purchased acid from the online retailer "Flipkart." The Commission has also learned that, while being prohibited, acid is readily available on popular internet buying sites like "Amazon" and "Flipkart."

    Acid is readily available on online platforms, which is a serious worry that needs to be investigated right away "The announcements said.

    The commission has requested that these online marketplaces explain why acid is available there as well as full contact information for any vendors who have listed "acid" as a commodity.

    It has inquired as to whether the seller's licence was verified prior to posting the acid product on the website. If not, kindly state the reasons why. Whether or not persons making internet purchases of acid had their photo taken? The commission requested, "If affirmative, kindly submit a detailed list of the purchasers together with their photo ids."

    The DCW has also requested information on the people accountable for enabling the sale of acid on the portal, as well as information on the measures taken to hold them accountable. The panel has requested that the requested information be given to the commission no later than December 20 in order to emphasise the seriousness of the situation.

    (Inputs from Agencies)