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    Dashami Night Bangla Jatra Anthem Organized By The Best Bengali Artistes Of The Region

    The Hawk
    October6/ 2022

    Dashami Night Bangla Jatra Anthem Organized

    Dineshpur (The Hawk): Before the conclusion of Durga Puja Festival, a religious presentation based on Bengali folk culture art 'Dwarkaye Elaine Shri Krishna', was staged on the Dashami night Durga Puja Jatra stage.

     On the Durga Puja stage under the banner of Bangiya Sanskriti Sudha Samiti on Wednesday night, a Bengali religious Jatra song directed by Manoranjan Bachhad and written by West Bengal's famous writer Prasad Krishna Bhattacharya was presented 'Dwarkaye Ellen Sri Krishna'. Vijay Bachad conducted the play. During this, hundreds of spectators gathered from the Bengali-dominated area to see the play. Sangeet Thakur Chandra, Vivek Gayaki Mein Babu Wala, along with Paritosh Gaine, Vidhana Sana, Abhimanyu Kumar, Nitai Das, Anant Haldar in the lead roles played the lead roles. Shimulika, Pooja and Arpita stunned the audience with their beautiful performances in the female roles. The patron of the committee, Himanshu Sarkar and chairman Ravi Sarkar told that the play was staged to save the Bengali culture and to upgrade the Jatra anthem. On this occasion, Panchayat President Seema Sarkar, Pooja Committee President Mrityunjay Sarkar, Dipankar, Himanshu Mandal, Kalipad Vishwas, Nityanand Mandal, Sunila Mistry, Saroj Mandal, Dr. Narayan Haldar, Rohit Mandal, Vikas Sarkar, Satya Prakash Singh, Inderjit Mandal and hundreds of others.