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    Custom officials seize 6.33 kg gold worth 3.49 crore at Mumbai Airport

    The Hawk
    February7/ 2024
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    Customs officials at Mumbai Airport and Guwahati Railway Station intercepted multiple attempts of gold smuggling by Indian nationals, seizing a total of 6.33 kg gold valued at 3.49 crore.

    Seized gold from five Indian nationals

    Mumbai: On February 7, Airport Commissionerate, Mumbai Customs officials seized 6.33 kg gold worth 3.49 crore from Indian nationals across five different cases at Mumbai Airport, said customs officials on Wednesday.
    Gold was concealed on the body, in the clothes worn, mobile charger, purse, hair dryer and corner piping of check in-bag of 5 accused, revealed customs officials.

    Earlier, officials of Mumbai Customs said they had seized 1997.96 grams of smuggled gold (12 bars and 5 coins) worth Rs 1.28 crore from one person at Guwahati Railway Station, said customs officials on Monday.
    The seized items were concealed inside the waistline of the trousers worn by the accused, according to the customs officials.