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    COVID-19: Thrissur Pooram to be held but without public

    April20/ 2022
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    Thrissur (Kerala): Amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases in Kerala, the state government has revoked its decision to conduct Thrissur Pooram with fanfare and has decided to limit the temple festival to rituals.

    A meeting convened here on Monday by the Chief Secretary decided that the public will not be allowed to participate in the festival. Only the organisers will be allowed and they would have to follow COVID-19 regulations.

    Thiruvambadi and Paramekkavu temples, the main organisers of the Pooram who had earlier maintained that the Pooram should be held in a full-fledged manner, have now agreed to the restriction by the government.

    The decision to conduct Thrissur Pooram amid a surge in COVID-19 cases had invited widespread protest in the state with many writers, artists and activists taking it up with the government opposing the move.

    The Thrissur Pooram will be held on Friday, while the fireworks display will be held on Saturday morning. Last year owing to COVID-19, all festivities were cancelled and the festival was carried out symbolically.

    The festival attracts a huge crowd from across Kerala and other states.


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