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    Congress' Ganesh Godiyal Calls PM Modi's Mangalsutra Remark 'Regrettable'

    Inam Ansari
    April25/ 2024
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    Congress candidate from Garhwal Lok Sabha seat Ganesh Godiyal

    Dehradun: Congress candidate from Garhwal Lok Sabha seat Ganesh Godiyal on Wednesday condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mangalsutra remark and said that the PM makes such statements that the party is forced to oppose them.
    "PM Modi's statement is regrettable. He is saying that if Congress comes to power then there will be a danger to 'Mangalsutra'. I want to remind him that till the time Congress was in power, the cost of gold was under Rs 30,000," he said. Lashing out at the centre, he said that today in the 10 years of governance (BJP), gold of Rs 30,000 has reached upto Rs 78,000...and PM is talking like that.
    "The Congress has made the youth capable of getting gold mangalsutra for their bride during the rule in the country," he added.
    He further stated that the international community keeps an eye on Indian leaders, especially PM Modi. "Our global image is being impacted," he added.
    Earlier on Sunday, while addressing a public event in Rajasthan's Banswara, Prime Minister Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress party and said, "Their Mangalsutra, the question is not of the cost of gold in it, it is linked to her dreams of her life. You are talking of snatching it in your manifesto...will distribute gold and redistribute. When it was their government, they had said that Muslims have the first right over the country's wealth. Who will you distribute after collecting the wealth, distribute it to those who have more children, and distribute it to infiltrators?
    "The PM further stated, "Will the money of your hard labour be given to infiltrators, is this acceptable to you? Congress manifesto is saying that they will calculate the gold of mothers, and sisters and then redistribute the wealth to those whom the Manmohan Singh government had said that the first right to resources is of Muslims. Brothers, sisters, this thinking of urban Naxals, my mothers, sisters, they will not allow even your Mangalsutra to remain in your possession, they will go to this extent." —ANI