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    CM Yogi Addresses A Public Meeting In Hapur, Says Govt Gave Global Identity To District

    The Hawk
    May7/ 2023

    CM Yogi

    Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said that the construction of Jewar International Airport near Hapur would improve connectivity and benefit the region economically.

    Addressing a public meeting in Hapur, the Chief Minister said, "Hapur has its own identity and unique products, such as the Hapur Papad. The current government has taken steps to recognize and promote Hapur's identity at the global level, whereas the previous government neglected it. Also, work is being done in Babugarh to develop Garhmukteshwar as a holy place."

    The CM also mentioned that the country's first rapid train would connect Delhi to Ghaziabad via Hapur and Meerut. "On the other hand, the Ganga Expressway linking Meerut to Prayagaraj via Hapur is a significant development for the region. These projects will improve connectivity, reduce travel time, and potentially boost economic growth and development in the area. This is the identity of the new Uttar Pradesh," he said.

    "In the last nine years, along with significant infrastructure development projects in the state, housing, toilets, Ayushman Bharat cards, and Jan Dhan accounts were opened for crores of poor. India is the only country in the world that has provided free rations to its citizens since the COVID period and continues to do so today," he added.

    Asserting that under the leadership of PM Modi, infrastructure development and poor welfare schemes are moving forward at a rapid pace, the CM said that along with that, the respect for heritage and culture has also increased, which is an essential aspect of preserving the identity of a region. Pointing out the condition of the state during the tenure of the previous government, the CM said, "Before 2017, UP was referred to as a state of riots. Today, Uttar Pradesh has its own identity on a global scale. Earlier, a curfew used to be imposed before festivals, whereas there is no curfew today, and the Kanwar Yatra takes place in every area of the state. There have been no riots in the state in the last six years, which is a sign of the government's commitment to maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of its citizens."

    CM Yogi said that the state had made significant progress in development with many micro, small, and medium enterprises in the state.

    In an attack on the opposition parties, the chief minister said that the 'Parivarvadi' and 'Tamanchavadi' elements are not amused by the dev of the state. "The youth used to hide his identity six years ago, but today he proudly states that he is a citizen of Uttar Pradesh. Today our Uttar Pradesh can feed the whole country," he added.