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    CM Kejriwal: Police Forced into Political Drama, Neglecting Crime Prevention

    The Hawk
    February3/ 2024
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    Amidst a dramatic showdown at his official residence, CM Arvind Kejriwal empathizes with Delhi Police, criticizing the political theatrics surrounding his MLA poaching charge against the BJP.

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

    New Delhi: Delhis Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal responded to the polices visit to serve him a notice regarding his allegations of BJPs MLA poaching. He expressed sympathy for the police officers feeling that they were being pushed into engaging in "drama" by their " bosses" instead of focusing on crime prevention in the city.

    An interesting incident unfolded at Kejriwals residence in Civil Lines on Saturday morning when a team from the Delhi Police Crime Branch arrived to deliver a notice for his involvement in a probe related to his claim about BJPs attempts to lure AAP MLAs.

    Kejriwal took to media and shared a video showing police officers at his residence. In his post he conveyed empathy towards them. Asserted that their primary duty should be combating crime in Delhi. However he highlighted how they seemed compelled to partake in drama, which was contributing to an increase in crime rates across the city.

    While not explicitly mentioning any party or leader Kejriwal subtly hinted at " bosses" who were investigating potential contact between AAP MLAs and other parties. In a dig at the BJP he questioned the need, for such drama when instances of toppling governments through MLA poaching had occurred with other parties in recent years.

    —Input from Agencies