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    BJP supporters are fighting Karnataka Assembly election: PM Modi

    The Hawk
    May6/ 2023

    Badami(KTK): Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the resounding support he received during his roadshow in Bengaluru convinced him that it is the people of Karnataka who will be running as BJP candidates in the next 2023 assembly elections.

    Moreover, he remarked that he had "never seen such love and affection" in his life in Bengaluru.

    "This morning I went to Bengaluru to take a Darshan of Janata Janardhan, the public God. At a public meeting in Bagalkote district of poll-bound Karnataka, Modi stated, "People gave me love and affection like I've never seen before." Karnataka holds its election on May 10.

    The Prime Minister of India remarked that during his roadshow in Bengaluru, people lined the streets for 25 miles.

    Families, people with disabilities, and mothers holding infants lined both sides of the street.

    Based on my observations in Bengaluru, I can state without hesitation that it is neither Modi, BJP officials, or our candidates who are running for office in Karnataka on behalf of the BJP. According to Modi, "the people will have complete control of the election."

    He added that the "double engine" government of the BJP has been working hard to bring about progress for all people.

    Attacking the Congress, Modi claimed, "they can never work to serve the people, they have a track record of 85% commission."—Inputs from Agencies