Badaun Double Murder: Accused demanded Rs 5000; father says "unaware as to why this happened"

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    March20/ 2024
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    After a harrowing incident in Badaun's Baba Colony where two children were brutally murdered, the father reveals the lack of prior interaction with the assailants.

    Father of the deceased children

    Badaun (Uttar Pradesh): After two children were hacked to death in Badaun's Baba Colony, the father of the deceased has said that there were two people involved in the murder and they are still unaware as to why this incident happened
    "I was unaware of the encounter (of the accused). He (the accused) was trying to run away but the police caught him. There were two people. I live outside. We had no interaction with them before. We are unaware as to why this happened," he said.

    Speaking to ANI, SSP Badaun said that the deceased's family has named the accused's brother also who is on the run.
    "The accused Sajid entered the house yesterday at around 7:30 pm and went to the terrace where the children were playing. He attacked the two children and murdered them. He then came down where the crowd tried to hold him back but he escaped. Police teams swung into action when they got to know that the accused had escaped. The accused fired at the police and was killed in retaliatory fire. The murder weapon and the revolver have been recovered. In the FIR, the family of the deceased children has also named the brother, Javed of the accused. Teams are working to find him and he will be arrested soon. According to the family, the accused had demanded Rs 5,000 from the father of the deceased children," he said.

    Meanwhile, Police officers and security personnel conducted a flag march in the city this morning where the incident happened.

    Earlier, Bareilly Inspector-General of Police Rakesh Kumar said that the accused is aged between 25-30. We will be disclosing their details after further investigation.
    Meanwhile, heavy police security was deployed at the Baba colony located near the Mandi Samiti outpost as locals protested against the ghastly double-murder.

    Badaun District Magistrate (DM) Manoj Kumar said that some people got agitated after the incident and they were asked to maintain peace.
    Speaking about the victims, the DM said, "The children were aged around 11 and 6 years."