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    All's Tip-Top

    Soumitra Bose
    April5/ 2024
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    Ajit Pawar Eknath Shinde Devendra Fadnavis

    "All's Tip-Top": "Extraordinarily Orderly, Immaculately Packed / Stacked / Framed / Exhibited Evincing Unity, Oneness among them --- Ajit Pawar, Eknath Shinde, Devendra Fadnavis --- in Mahayuti alliance in Maharashtra, strongly tipped to be in their favour in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls to be with Delhi and its "double engine sarkar scheme to actively partake of in Narendra Modi's 'states, Centre advance shoulder-to-shoulder 24x7 for constant all-round, all-level growth in all fronts'. This the only way to cover up the deficiencies in required all-sectors' all development issues that already have pushed the state including its Mumbai far behind, objectively say those in know of these matters fully, matter-of-factly. They admit, there's a general consensus on immediate requirement of all-round refurbishment of Maiarashtra and Mumbai so that they are taken out of their current all round "decay, slump, slouch, rickety, ramshackle infrastructures", resembling falling down, wiping any day now. To prevent it, support for above entities to restore Mumbai, Maharashtra's "All's Tip-Top".